Each item we create is of a very high quality and, with proper care and maintenance, will last a lifetime. We craft each item specifically to your design and dimensions using computer-aided design to ensure our state-of-the-art, Swiss-made CNC milling machines with precision tooling make the finished product a perfect fit. The production process is run by craftsmen who finish each item by hand. Timber doors and windows leave our workshop ready-glazed and finished to reduce installation times and costs as well as keeping disruption and mess on site to a minimum.


We select the finest quality FSC certified hardwoods and softwood from sustainable sources. Hardwood comes from broadleaved, mainly deciduous trees that are typically native to Britain, such as oak, ash and beech; it is ideally suited for exterior doors and windows as it is far more resistant to decay. Softwood comes mainly from evergreen, coniferous trees such as pine and fir trees.


We use Pilkington K Glass double glazed units to conserve heat and maximise the energy-efficiency of our timber windows and doors. Pilkington K Glass is a hard coated, pyrolytic low-emissivity coated thermal glass that reflects heat back into the room whilst also letting in free heat from the sun, known as passive solar gain, and ensures windows achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) band A which exceeds the latest energy-saving Building Regulations.


Each item is factory-finished using the latest technically-advanced high quality products to create a long-lasting perfect finish and maximise the wood’s durability by preserving and protecting it from rain, sun and extreme temperatures as well as blue stain and mold.

  • For a paint finish we use two applications of primer followed by a top coat of paint. We use Remmers’ treatments and environmentally-friendly water-based paint colours; they can also colour match to any other commercially-available colour chart as well as to existing paint substrates.
  • For a wax finish we use three coats of Osmo wax oil to enhance the beauty and grain of the wood whilst protecting it.

Our finishes are guaranteed to last for 8-years but may last longer depending on the exposure and climate conditions.


We factory-install a wide range of high quality traditional and contemporary architectural ironmongery; locks, handles, knobs, knockers, letterboxes, window stays, fasteners, hinges, brackets and all types of fixings and fittings in any kind of metal to suit all characters of property from new build to restoration projects. Choose from heavy brass, nickel, pewter, black iron, brushed aluminium or chrome.