RJP Joinery UK Limited was founded in 2001 by Russell Pengelly, a Master Craftsman who trained and graduated in Germany. He has a passion for creating things in wood and prides himself on producing high quality, precise and perfectly crafted quality doors, windows and staircases from the finest timbers. Combining practicality with his high standards of excellence and meticulous attention to detail, he has established a reputation for delivering quality workmanship for both traditional and contemporary-style new build and period properties.

Russell selects the very finest certified hardwoods and softwoods from sustainable sources. The production process employs state-of-the-art, Swiss-made CNC milling machines with precision tooling programmed by a CAD system to ensure consistency and quality. Each item may be factory-finished using the latest technically-advanced high quality products to create a painted or wax finish and maximise the wood’s durability.

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Loving wood

Russell appreciates the natural beauty and distinctive appearance of wood. Each tree has its own characteristics depending on the inherent qualities of its species, the climate in which it is growing and the minerals it absorbs from the soil. Wood is an amazing material; long-lasting, versatile and naturally insulating. It is also very strong structurally; a comparison with radiata pine and steel shows it has a strength for weight ratio 20% higher than structural steel. As a consequence it is an important material for construction, used for centuries by both man and beavers.